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The LectraJet® needle-free injection system was probably our most complex project to date. However, the end result is a great step towards eliminating the reuse of contaminated needles and syringes in the world and made all of our hard work and research worthwhile.
With a blend of modern aesthetics and best industry practices, we achieved great results within deadline and budget of our development partner, the CDC.



Our AgroJet device is an extension of our LectraVet and is being used to help eradicate invasive weeds such as knotweed and phragmites. Injection into the cane of these weeds is the most effective way to handle the eradication; it has the advantages of not exposing surrounding plants to herbicide and can be used even during windy or rainy conditions.



Through design and engineering innovation, we delivered great results in the Industrial sector. By working in partnership with our customers, we guaranteed that critical product attributes were clearly defined early in the process in order to promote shorter development time, fewer prototypes, and earlier marketing of the new products.



Extensive research was required to develop the LectraVet®, a jet injector for cattle. The objective was to develop a fully portable, high-speed, and easy-to-use device that ensured delivery of injectates to an accurate, predictable depth while eliminating standard long needles.



Extensive analyses and field tests accompanied the effort to develop the Electronic Ski Binding. The development of this technology captured the attention of the German government which led to significant grants assistance for the project.