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The LectraVet® System:

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The LectraVet® is a high-speed, battery powered, easy-to-use, hand-held and fully portable device that assures delivery of injectates to an accurate, predictable depth in a variety of livestock species, including cattle and pigs. Because the device is light-weight and fully portable, an entire herd can be injected quickly and efficiently.

No more "needles in the meat":
The LectraVet® delivers injections through DCI’s patented perforator, a very short point that penetrates only the outer surface of the hide but not the muscle. The patented injector design and the short length of the patented perforators prevent breakage and eliminate needles from the meat without compromising injection performance.

Delivery Volume and Depth:
The LectraVet® injects fluid volumes ranging from 0.25 ml to 5.0 ml and delivers intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.

The LectraVet® is powered by a lightweight rechargeable battery pack capable of several thousand injections per charge at a rate of more than 1 shot per second, making it ideal for high-speed injection procedures in livestock.

Prevention of Repetitive Motion Injuries:
In addition to improving injection speed, the LectraVet® prevents repetitive motion injuries often suffered by workers. Only minimal force is needed to pull the trigger, allowing for rapid injection rates without fatigue. Combined with complete freedom of movement for the individual delivering injections (no additional components are needed), this translates to improved injection performance and efficiency.


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