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Industrial Products > Vector Tachometer

Development & Production Program: Vector Tachometer
Client: Lightnin

Vector TachometerLightnin’s Vector line of Industrial Mixers required a custom designed tachometer to monitor motor speed. The environment required the tachometer to withstand high-temperature operation and to have a functional life span of 10 years, 24 hours a day, on non-replaceable batteries. In addition, Vector Mixers placed in hazardous environments must be monitored from a safe location.

DCI was involved in this program from concept through production. Extremely low current design was the key to long battery life. The Vector Tachometer line was enhanced by remote sensing capability through the AC and DC Remote Tachometers. The program included the design, development and production of the primary and remote Vector Tachometers, in addition to certification for intrinsically safe environments (UL and CSA certified).

The primary Vector Tachometer improved the sales of Lightnin's Vector Mixers by providing important control and monitoring capabilities to its clients. The Remote Tachometer provided flexibility that also improved the sales of the company's Vector Mixers. DCI continues to produce the primary and remote Vector Tachometers.

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