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Development & Production Program: Control Board for Coaxial Cable Stripper
Client: Coastel Cable Tools

Coaxial Cable StripperCoaxial cable strippers were needed for two applications:

  1. To produce high quality, precise strips in high volume applications
  2. To be rugged, portable and extremely precise for delivering production quality in field use.

A bench top device was considered ideal for the high volume application, while a handheld device was needed for the field use application.

An important consideration was that because soft compounds are sometimes used for the cable jacket, rapid engagement of the cable stripper could easily damage the cable. In addition, the high-speed requirement of the bench top device made it imperative that “free-wheeling” at the end of each procedure be eliminated.

Coaxial Cable StripperIn conjunction with the device design, DCI developed the control board for the bench top device that included both the soft-start feature and an electronic brake to save the time that would otherwise be lost if the user had to wait for the motor to stop in the “free-wheel” condition.

In addition, DCI incorporated the “soft-start” feature and developed the control board for the handheld device. DCI carried the development through to production and continues to produce the control board for both devices.

Coastel was able to provide a higher quality, more precisely controlled cable stripper for its clients in both high volume and field applications.

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