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Client: DHD Medical

Cuff MateDuring surgery, anesthesia is administered to a patient through a breathing tube inserted into the trachea. An inflatable "pressure cuff" seals the area around the tube so that air can only enter the lungs through the breathing tube.

The cuff must be inflated with enough pressure to maintain an adequate seal, but not so much pressure that it causes damage to the trachea.

The CuffMate provides information and control to the doctor by both inflating the cuff and displaying a readout of cuff pressure.

DHD had a basic CuffMate design that needed modification and upgrading to make it more useful and more appropriate for current market needs. DCI worked within the framework that DHD provided to redesign the device and introduce new features, such as the digital readout.

The upgrades to CuffMate allowed DHD to increase sales of the device by providing greater information and control, thereby improving the health of patients.

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